Sending out a newsletter? Don’t forget to optimize your subject line for mobile devices.

Posted by admin on February 4, 2015

Sending out a newsletter? Don’t forget to optimize your subject line for mobile devices.

Feb 04, 2015

The advice for crafting a perfect newsletter is the same as designing that perfect website: Start Small.

Begin with the smallest screens in mind and with most smart phones you will only be able to see the first 5 maybe 6 words in a subject line, this is about 20 to 30 characters (less than a tweet!). 

You really need to be concise in general but especially for your subject lines.  The subject line is what gets people’s attention and with the number of people checking their email on mobile devices growing every day you HAVE to think about how your message displays for them.



The image above shows an email on an iPhone.  You can see the entire subject line fits and makes sense.  Sometimes the subject line will get truncated and cut off at an awkward spot, so be sure to preview the message on a mobile device to make sure this doesn’t happen.



Now, this one reads Up to 74% off artisan-inspired furniture, high-style home designs, distressed decor, The Farmhouse Kitchen & more – Okay, this is 113 characters and you can see right off that it doesn’t grab your attention.  This message will most likely be deleted without being read.  What a waste!


If you use our newsletter list manager you can preview the message prior to sending out on virtual screens.  This will show you exactly how the email will look on a phone, tablet, and desktop.  Also, all of our templates are full responsive and will work on any device and screen size.

Remember: Start small and be concise!

If you need any help or are interested in our list management software please email Steve or give a call: 706-498-9867.

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