Bing to Rank Mobile Friendly Web Pages Better

Posted by admin on June 6, 2015

Bing to Rank Mobile Friendly Web Pages Better

Jun 06, 2015

Bing announced they will be launching their own version of a mobile friendly algorithm in the upcoming months for the Bing mobile search results.

This is similar to Google's mobile friendly algorithm in so many ways but in Bing's case, they won't be giving a date with this announcement and they are saying relevancy, no matter what, will always be more important than if a site renders nicely on mobile devices.

Here are some details:


  • The Bing mobile friendly algorithm will launch in the upcoming months, we don't know when, but they promised to give us a date prior to launching it.
  • It looks at UX (user experience) on mobile devices like Google's algorithm does, so make sure your site works well on mobile.
  • If you have the mobile friendly label on Bing mobile, you are set:


  • A new tool will be coming out from Bing also to tell you if you are mobile friendly or not, and if not, how to get mobile friendly.
  • It seems Bing and Google care about the same UX aspects when it comes to mobile friendly.
  • Sites that do not render on mobile devices will suffer (i.e. fully Flash sites).
  • It is on/off, you are either mobile friendly or not.
  • It is real time, so as soon as BingBot crawls the page, it will be picked up.
  • Bing wants to communicate that this will NOT be a geddon, it will be rolled out with a lot of communication and feedback from the webmasters. So give them feedback at Bing Listens.

As you can see having websites be 'mobile ready' is something that is going to become more and more important as so much more site traffic comes from these devices.

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