The Pure Web Saga

The Pure Web Saga


In 2006, the demand for sophisticated, functional, and attractive websites was on the rise, but very few people were qualified for the task. Steve Fortmann responded to this need by forming Pure Web Development, operating at first out of his Dunwoody home’s living room.

Steve and his small team of developers began by filling the web development needs of friends and acquaintances. It wasn’t long before word of mouth about the quality of Pure Web Development’s designs caused the business to outgrow its humble origins and necessitated a dedicated business location.

As technology grew and expanded, so did the needs of Steve’s customers. Pure Web Development eventually dropped the last part of its name to become simply Pure Web as it added IT services and Internet Marketing to the roster of services offered.

After several successful years in the Dunwoody area, Pure Web relocated its operations in 2014 to beautiful Royston, Ga. in order to give Steve’s young family the opportunity for a safer, slower-paced life in the country. The move was a true blessing both for Steve’s family and for Pure Web itself, as the small town environment of Royston matches perfectly with Steve’s philosophy on doing business—that is, a genuine focus on personal, friendly service.

A Different Kind of Tech Company

Pure Web is a truly non-discriminate IT company. It serves business and organizations ranging from very small owner/operator establishments to national corporations, healthcare systems, and entire local governments. It isn’t the size of the account that drives Pure Web to deliver the ultimate in service, efficiency, and affordability; it’s the people behind it.

Pure Web has more than 80 years of combined experience in website development, and over 60 years in IT services. Pure Web employs a dedicated, full-time team of leading developers, technicians, sales agents, graphic designers, and project managers who work closely together in order to respond to the needs of its clients quickly and efficiently.

From first contact with a client, Pure Web endeavors to put a personal touch on every interaction. The Pure Web family includes every one of our team members and their families…but most importantly, it includes you, the client. Pure Web’s primary focus is not to simply make money—it’s to make lives better. Come experience the difference for yourself.

Pure Web has more than 80 years of combined experience in website development, and over 60 years in IT services

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