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Meet The Pure Web Team


Pure Web is made up of a diverse team of expert designers, developers, graphic artists, technicians, sales and solutions representatives, and project managers in order to be your ultimate full-service IT and web development provider. We’d love to meet and speak with you!

Pure Web Steve Fortmann

Steve Fortmann

Steve Fortmann is the founder and CEO of Pure Web. His service in the United States Air Force as the Airman in Charge of Records and member of the MPF placed him at the center of early network architecture and computer systems. His military assignment made it essential for him to learn and master the intricacies of all things IT, which he did with the type of great enthusiasm and pride that you’d expect of a serviceman.

When Steve completed his military service, he brought his skills and expertise to the private sector. At first, he provided services to friends and family, and then ultimately to the public in general upon forming Pure Web.

Steve’s interest and experience in website development and coding began in the early 90s when the Internet as we know it was still in its infancy. From his early experience with Tandy Computers and roaming the Oregon Trail, to his more sophisticated endeavors in building custom websites, including e-Commerce sites and community portals, Steve has made computers and technology a lifelong interest.

Steve’s passion for providing high quality IT and web development services is surpassed only by his passion for people. Steve currently resides in the Royston area with his wife, two children, and his sisters-in-law.

Pure Web Prize Fortmann

Prize Fortmann

Prize Fortmann was born In Ghana, West Africa. At the age of 15 she moved to the United States with two of her siblings. She then attended Dunwoody High School, soon graduated, and went to Georgia Perimeter. At age 21, she married the guy of her dreams.

Prize worked at a Christian school as an assistant teacher and served as a worship leader for over two years at Landmark Church and Miracle Revival Church. In 2008, she joined Pure Web as a Receptionist/Secretary, and now is the Project Manager. She has 3 wonderful kids and when not working she enjoys spending every minute with her family.

Pure Web Jose Ortega

Jose Ortega

Jose Ortega is Pure Web’s Senior Consultant for Windows and Exchange server tasks. He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert in Server Infrastructure and in Messaging, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Information Systems. Jose even approved the first module in the Cisco Certified Network Associate program. When he is not ensuring server and network performance and survival, Jose enjoys going to the movies with his beautiful wife, spending time in the kitchen, and programming in C#/ASP.NET or working on a script (Powershell/VBS/Bash). His easy-going, fun-loving approach to life, combined with his love of learning, gives him the mental stamina and proficiency to carry out his job duties with ease and laser point precision. He and his wife currently reside in Puebla, Mexico.

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