Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions to Grow Your Business

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Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions to Grow Your Business


How do you get your company’s website noticed in the virtual sea that is the Internet? You choose a leader in Internet marketing to design a custom strategy that fits the needs and goals of your unique business. Pure Web is that leader.

At Pure Web, we apply our expertise and experience to your company’s Internet marketing campaign, using methods that are tried, tested, and proven to garner results. Part of this service includes seeding strategically selected keywords and phrases across the web in quality, engaging content pieces, driving traffic to your site and boosting your rankings.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): We use proven strategies to make sure that search engines can access your website so that Internet users can find it.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): Search marketing is classic SEO done better. We help get your website ranked in top positions for relevant keywords that your target market is actively searching…and we do it as quickly as possible.
  • Content marketing: This includes seeding strategically selected keywords and phrases across the web in quality, engaging content pieces, driving traffic to your site and boosting your rankings.

Beyond SEO, SEM and Content Marketing


SEO, SEM, and content marketing are solid foundations of any Internet marketing campaign, but Internet marketing involves much more. Pure Web strives to offer its clients more by providing a full package of services related to online Internet marketing. We understand how these parts work together and use this knowledge to the benefit of our clients. Build your custom campaign with your choice of:

Beyond SEO and Content Marketing

Link Building

Link building—the process of developing links on other websites that point to your own site—is an essential part of any Internet marketing campaign. These links help to generate direct traffic to your website, enable your website to rank higher in search engine results, and help to further brand your business. We perform all of today’s vital general link building practices with a focus on building links that positively assist with your page rankings.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is considered one of the top tools for promoting your business on the Web today. Social marketing latches on to the power of social interaction to nurture relationships with your clients and customers.

We can create an effective Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest page as well as work on YouTube and LinkedIn for you.  We create posts, schedule posts, create opportunities for engagement (for example, a contest), and establish the framework for getting followers to communicate with your business or organization. 

We understand that you have to listen just as much as you talk when using these channels.  We also understand that certain channels are for certain types of content, and we have a working plan to use all of these channels to buoy your custom Internet marketing campaign.

Blog Writing and Press Releases

Blogs and press releases are crucial parts of a modern Internet marketing campaign for several reasons. Blogs help you to generate business leads, build relationships with customers, and boost your search engine rankings due to their fresh content. Press releases are also invaluable for building links, refining your organization’s message, and drawing attention to your business.

At Pure Web, we can install a blog for you if you do not currently have one; then, we will write guest blogs from preapproved content topics. We also write press releases for our clients and send these out over the proper distribution channels on the Web.

Local Listing Creation and Optimization

Local searches are growing tremendously, yet few businesses and organizations are taking advantage of free directory listings. Our clients enjoy quality site traffic driven by well-crafted business profiles that we optimize for local directories. We understand the components of a great business profile and will develop one for you that will produce the results you desire.

Reputation Monitoring and Management

Reputation marketing is on the cutting edge of innovative marketing strategies and is a powerful tool for any business. By harnessing the power of online reviews, we can help you build your brand, regain lost customers, and increase your profits through positive growth. Reputation management can actually also help your business to QA its services/products and even enhance your company’s product development/research.

Pure Web uses a leading-edge reputation management program where we establish properties on the Internet that contain positive or neutral content about your organization. These properties make it more difficult for any negative content to come up, thus keeping your company’s image—and, as a result, your profits—strong long-term.

Mugshot Removal

Being wrongfully accused of a crime can negatively impact your image on the World Wide Web, thus hampering future job opportunities and decreasing your quality of life. We can remove mugshots for you from a wide range of websites if your wrongful accusation is verifiable through court documents, or in extenuating circumstances. We advise allowing us to broker mugshot-removal deals for you, as oftentimes a broker can do this less expensively than the individual with the mugshot can do on his/her own.

Auditing and Reporting

An important step in optimizing your website is auditing it. Pure Web can analyze meaningful data related to your website and translate it into information that you can utilize to boost your website’s visibility online and draw potential clients.

Pure Web Dashboard: Giving You Control over Your Business Marketing Campaign

What sets Pure Web apart from other SEO companies is our unique dashboard, which allows you—the client—to gauge how well any pay-per-click or organic marketing campaign is performing. You and your team members will gain access to this start-of-the-art system. The system offers these core benefits:

  • Provides metrics on everything you, the site owner, would need to know in order to determine your marketing campaign’s effectiveness
  • Allows you to communicate with our team and track all tasks performed during a campaign
  • Enables you to track optional services, such as call tracking and social mentions
  • Helps you with reputation management
Most SEO providers give only monthly reports. We allow full-project access and real-time reporting so that you know what we are doing and how well we are performing. You essentially hold us accountable for your organization’s marketing success.


We started working with Pure Web this summer on a complete overhaul of our existing Web Site along with SEO management. The process could not have been better. The end product is beautiful, user friendly and compatible across all platforms. Further we have seen a significant increase in our search engine rankings after only a few months. Steve is fantastic and delivers what he promises. - Jeff Jacobs, Level Property Management, Las Vegas NV.

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